Holistic Life Coaching with Integrated First Peoples Of North America Philosophies and Practices

Why Holism?

For a better, more comprehensive resolution.

We are complete beings and function at our best when in harmony with all things.

Awakening our spiritual and physical connection to our natural world encourages growth, motivation and a clearer picture of "Self".


Practicing traditional methods of self care ( i.e. diet, exercise, meditation and or prayer ) ensures a greater sense of belonging and the importance of balance in mind, body, spirit.


After many years of searching, listening and studying, my journey in Life Coaching began when I realized that the modern day system and ideas  forced upon us were holding me back from my true self and natural gifts and how that must be true for others too. The more I read about Holistic practices and medicine the more I realized that there have been people living like this for tens of thousands of years in harmony with the earth and also how fast we have lost the harmony and destroyed most of it. This lead me to think about what's really important, what's really right and wrong and to self examine my own life, health and how I want to live. Like many, I felt incomplete and out of balance. Embracing my Miami ( Myaamia ) Indian roots I found a way to surrender to my appointed gifts, listen to the earth and feel a true spiritual wholeness.

My  life coaching, music and art all flow from an organic, untempered connection with the earth, an innate spirituality to all things. I have always felt a strong calling to help people and those in crisis have navigated towards me for as long as I can remember. Using a culmination of my unique gifts, professional training, work experience as well as personal life experiences I can offer a broad range of ideas and tools to assist clients towards their personal goals, discover self empowerment, learn the balance of mind, body, spirit for the complete life that everyone from small children in the spring of life to the elderly late in winter deserves. 

Contact Information

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IFS (Internal Family Systems) Inspired Life Coaching

What is Internal Family Systems?

Developed by Richard Schwartz, with roots in psychology it's a way of managing our internal operating system. Comprised of a constellation of "parts" like members in a family system each having a role or part in the greater family system.

 How can IFS inspired Total Alignment Coaching help me?

Aligning the inner system allows you to practice greater Self leadership. As you learn to recognize and identify different "parts" you'll also discover and lead from your innate inner wisdom allowing you to navigate life more effectively and consciously.


While I have known Don Polk for many years, the role he took in my life changed significantly after the loss of my father. Many of us know the challenges that can come with the loss of a parent, but we cannot predict how we will respond until faced with that journey ourselves. From the overwhelming immediate days after my father’s death to the many months feverishly working to clean out and manage the house I grew up in, Donny was my counsel, my advisor, and my grounded voice of reason that I desperately depended on. He shifted from being my longtime friend to my healing life coach in many ways. Donny’s support has been profound. He has a way of connecting you to the core of what matters and quieting the noise that can lead to stress and distraction. He lends genuine compassion to the matters at hand and makes you feel safe even when he pushes you to work through some of the harder questions you might be inclined to avoid. He listens to you with authenticity. He listens and empathizes with where you are in that moment. I have the utmost respect for his integrity and his calming strength. Working with me through the many chapters that come with loss, I cannot imagine surviving this story without him. Knowing that Donny will stand by me and coach me through what has become a very personal and sometimes spiritual evolution, has been and continues to be an invaluable gift. He has a depth of emotional insight that he brings to you with the kindness and generosity I’ve only ever seen in Donny Polk. Again, I am and will always be grateful to all this man has brought to my life. ”

— Friend/Client