Happy New Year!

2020, one of my best years. 

Wrote a couple killer songs, made leaps in personal growth, talked with and honored my first love, received healing and healed, started deep studies to further my natural gifts, got an all clear cancer biopsy, made sure my wife and boy could see and feel my love for them ever single day, sacrificed, explored, discovered, let go, loved deeper, acquired a heart of peace, a spirit of purpose, prayed for wisdom and became wise, became humble and found power, honored my ancestors, honored my family, gave daily thanks, gathered dear friends closer and lived with a genuine smile everyday. In 2021 I will continue to serve my tribe out of love, with gratitude. This is what it means to walk with the great spirit. 

I have arrived. 

If 2020 was horrible for you, if you found unmanageable difficulties or sorrow, know I am here for you. I see you. I am thankful for you, my tribe, and your place is set around my fire. 


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