You're My Song

Hey everyone, thanks for stopping by!
Before I say anything about this new song I want to thank everyone who has posted for the wonderful words in my guest book.
The word is getting out and all the emails, phone…Read more

Paper Wings

We are all vulnerable in some way. I think it's what makes us beautiful. A certain transparency keeps us true.
I know I am never more naked than when someone listens to my music for the first time.
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Next release...

To celebrate all those summer romances check out my new release Every Little Thing!
Awe come on! You remember. Think sunshine, stealing kisses, hanging out at the lake all day, everyday. The first time you held hands and those butterflies…Read more

My Father In Me

This is a song I wrote some time ago. It was a special time of creativity. I was still studying with Ed Flower, an international classical guitarist, who became a dear friend and mentor, pushed me in a new direction…Read more